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Role of the NGO sector

Recent changes in the political and economic environments of most western democracies indicate a further change in the role and participation of NGOs in health and disability sector service provision may be imminent. Those changes are explored in this paper, which quantifies the current contribution of NGOs and includes examples that show when NGOs collaborate, they are key drivers of innovation.That capacity to innovate will play a significant part in the future sustainability of health and disability services in this country.

NGO Services

A range of online databases and directories list NGOs along with other health and social service providers.

On these websites, PHOs, GPs and other health practitioners can view various details of regional NGO services they might refer to.

They include:

Each online source has a different level of information, while some are quite similar. Some make it easy to access information on multiple NGOs at once, while others are more suited to individual searches. Their coverage of geographical areas and provider types varies