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Planning and funding

Service Commissioning

Service commissioning has been a key topic for discussion at most of our NGO Council meetings during 2016, and is the focus of a discussion paper we had written to inform our work. 

NGO Council Future Focus: An Exploration of Service Commissioning

This paper looks at four key commissioning models and their implications for NGOs, while the one page summary highlights the key success factors for each model.

NGO Council Future Focus: Commissioning Principles Thinkpiece

A second paper explores different sets of commissioning principles to guide good practice – it includes common themes of equity, transparency and collaboration, which some NGO Council members also shared at recent MBIE workshops to develop guidelines for procurement of social services.

Planning and funding

This discussion paper provides an initial NGO perspective on possible re-organisation of the planning and funding environment resulting from recent changes to the health system. It is for use by government and the NGO sector – to inform debate about important principles and implementation issues to consider in the time of change. The paper was sent to the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Stephen McKernan by the Chair of the NGO Working Group in March 2010. The NGO Working Group received a written response from Chai Chuah, the National Director of the National Health Board, within three weeks.

Financial pressures

In 2004/05, the NGO Working Group highlighted several issues relating to increasing financial pressures on NGOs, which had implications for their financial viability, the quality of service delivery and the health and wellbeing of their communities.