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Priorities and issues

A key focus of the NGO Council is to work with the Ministry of Health where we believe the wider health and disability NGO sector can add value, influence policy and improve health outcomes for our communities.

Key issues

The NGO sector is well placed to assist the government to improve effectiveness and efficiency across health and disability services in primary health – so your help, experience and insights will be vital to help us identify changes that can have a real impact.

We believe progressing these five key issues will make a huge difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of the health and disability NGO sector, as well as strengthen the robustness of sector planning are:

  • Elimination of multiple audits
    Unnecessary duplication of auditing processes has long been recognised by the sector, the Ministry of Health and Treasury as a drain on public resources. We believe significant cost-savings for the Ministry, DHBs and NGOs could be made through active sharing of audit results – money could then be directed back into the health sector instead of being diverted to the audit industry. Read more
  • Duplication of services
    We are keen to explore ways to avoid DHBs and PHOs setting-up and funding their own services when there are already established not-for-profit providers in a region. Read more
  • Enhancement of information and health sector intelligence
    Our research shows a lack of awareness of regional NGO services amongst many GPs and PHOs despite a range of information sources. This lack of knowledge about NGOs is a barrier to integrated, wrap-around services and limits NGO involvement in patients’ continuum of care. Read more
  • NGO input to health sector planning
    The absence of significant NGO input to policy setting and strategic planning at the senior level is a barrier to whole-of-sector thinking and successful implementation of community-based services. Read more
  • Coordinated contracting processes
    We are keen to explore options for better coordination and consistency of DHB–NGO contracting processes to reduce the compliance burden on providers. Read more

 If you have ideas or examples of possible efficiency gains please share these with us or others in your field or region. Your suggestions may help us to shape up future project scopes related to the working relationships between the Ministry and DHBs and NGO health and disability providers.

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