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NGO sector publications

Documents produced by various New Zealand NGOs about the health and disability sector. They give a unique, non-government perspective on the sector and the role of NGOs.

Community Research provides access to a wide range of NGO research reports and researchers (www.communityresearch.org.nz)
The Community Research website gathers research about New Zealand’s tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector, shares it with a broader audience, creates a virtual hub for researchers, iwi and community organisations to share their ideas, and advocates good methods in community research.

Hui E! Community Aotearoa (www.huie.org.nz)
Hui E! Community Aotearoa seeks to promote, strengthen and connect the Community Sector.

Frontline - the community mental health and addiction sector at work in New Zealand (PDF, 1.4 MB) (www.platform.org.nz)
Platform Charitable Trust, February 2010. This document describes key attributes of the mental health and addiction community sector. Its purpose is to stimulate interest and encourage increased sector, Government, and funder engagement. It shows that NGOs are innovators, run successful community enterprises that employ significant numbers of New Zealanders, are flexible, and well-placed to deliver the Government’s objectives while meeting the needs of individuals, families and communities.

NGOit 2008 NGO-DHB Contracting Environment (PDF, 347 KB) (www.platform.org.nz)
Platform Charitable Trust, May 2009. This report reflects the experiences, issues and views from a range of community sector organisations that contract with DHBs to provide mental health and addiction services.

NGOit 2007 Workforce Survey (PDF, 886 KB) (www.platform.org.nz)
Platform Charitable Trust, 2007. This report provides information and analysis from the perspective of non government organisations that provide mental health and addiction services.

NGOit 2005 Landscape Survey (PDF, 385 KB) (www.platform.org.nz)
Platform Charitable Trust, 2005. This survey represents a national collection of data provided by the sector about the current position of many of the NGOs delivering services in New Zealand.