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Areas and qualities of leadership

Strong leadership creates a future-focused organisation that builds on strengths, is flexible, and able to respond to change. Leadership is also about leading the way as an organisation, sharing, collaborating and finding innovative ways to achieve your goals and making our communities better places.

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This webinar is world made, 45 minutes or longer and free
This webinar is world made, 45 minutes or longer and free

A culture of collaboration: Lessons from hardwired humans

In his book, Hardwired Humans – Successful Leadership using Human Instincts, author Andrew O’Keeffe provides a practical framework and tools for engaging with others. This framework can be instrumental in creating a culture of collaboration in community change efforts including collective impact. This conversation between Andrew and Tamarack's Lisa Attygalle focused on three of nine of the Hardwired Human instincts including: social belonging, first impressions to classify, and loss aversion. Listen in to better understand the origins of these human behaviours and how they can be used to advance collaborative efforts.

Presenting organisation: Tamarack Institute

Presenter/s: Andrew O’Keeffe and Lisa Attygalle, Tamarack Institute

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