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Data about NGO Network members

The NGO Health & Disability Network has 520 NGO members and 114 affiliate members. These NGOs range in size from small providers with one FTE employee, to large multi-million dollar agencies with more than 2,400 paid staff.

The Network’s 520 members make up approximately 56% of the non-profit NGOs that receive Vote Health funding from the Ministry of Health and/or DHBs.

Ninety-eight percent of Network members are registered charities. Based on annual return data from the Charities Register1, we know the following about our 520 Network members:

  • Member NGOs received $1.75 billion in combined annual government funding.
  • 322 member NGOs received over $121 million in combined donations/koha. (Up from $74m across fewer members in the previous year.)
  • 69 member NGOs received a combined total of over $41 million in bequests. (Similar to the previous year.)
  • Altogether, 308 member NGOs received over $65 million in other grants and sponsorship.
  • Member NGOs paid more than $1.53 billion in annual salaries and wages to 21,383
  • full-time staff and 18,295 part-time staff.
  • In an average week, a total of 1.2 million hours were worked by paid staff and 155,445 hours provided by approx. 36,598 unpaid volunteers.
  • 33% of member NGOs had a net annual operating deficit in their last reported financial year, so had to draw on reserves to continue delivering services. (The third year in a row that approximately one in three NGO members have had to draw on reserves to cover costs.)

The activities of the NGO Network extend far beyond the voting membership as many non-members attend Forums and workshops and provide feedback via Network projects and surveys.


1. Charities register data downloaded 15 August 2016. Nearly 80% of annual return data was for financial years ending in 2015. Data is only as accurate as the information provided by listed charities.